Queen’s Tower, the Experience!!

Queen’s Tower, the Experience!!

It was a lovely, sunny Sunday and a real walk in time!!! Wherever you looked at the Queen’s Tower you could see the beauty and feel the love of its first owners and above all, as we learned from our guide Mr. Vassilis Koutsavlis, Queen Amalia of this place. The tower was inaugurated in 1854 by King Otto and Queen Amalia, and was the only time Otto had gone to the tower and the estate which at that time was about 2,500 acres! The purchase of the estate and the building of the tower were made with Amalia’s money, though it is rumored that her father-in-law was in fact her financier. She loved this place, and while she had never stayed overnight in her tower, there she rested and engaged in horticulture creating beautiful gardens as well as taking care of her much-loved horses … Her love seems indestructible over the years since the place has been kept as it was 166 years ago…

Our tour began with a historical retrospective of the royal couple’s arrival and events that sealed the history of Greece which lasted for about 40 minutes, and continued with a stroll through the beautiful gardens with two types of cypresses, Cupressus sempervirens horizontalis and Cupresus sempervirens, fountains with small statues depicting eros, and continued to the 42 acres vineyards of the Tower where we were also impressed by it!


The Oenologist of the Queen‘s Tower talked to us about the methods of organic farming, the production and disposal quantities, after we first went through the wine production area with the huge tanks and bottling facilities as well as the autonomy in the process of maintaining the vineyards in the presence of beautiful and very fiendly horses of the Tower which, as we have learned, only participate in obstacle-jumps competitions where the abilities, preparation and effectiveness of the Athlete and its Horse are judged. 

The baton of information went back to our guide who informed us in every detail, about the inside of the Tower and we had the chance to admire the magnificence of the Queen’s aesthetic in the décor as well as the harmony and warmth of the wonderful colors, which made us feel like traveling back in time!

Our tour was completed with Wine tasting but before we reached the place where it would take place we walked again through the beautifully preserved surrounding area and had another chance to see wonderful horses escorted by their caretakers passing by us until our eyes discovered one of horses exercising on a treadmill!! Yes you read correctly .. And following is the proof!


Five Label Wine Tasting accompanied by savory and sweet snacks like pies, and our introduction to basic rules of using wine from the way we should hold our glass and why we should do so, until we learned to taste it! All five wines we tasted were wonderful !!!

At the end we were sure that we will pay a visit to this place again!!!!!

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