Agrotourism in Greece acquired an institutional framework in 2018 following the concerted efforts of agrotourism businesses which started substantially in the 1990s.

Agrotourism is the experience that brings the visitor to the Rural and natural landscape and his engagement with activities in many areas with multiple benefits as it creates social, cultural and environmental impacts.

The choice of a thematic tourist destination primarily makes the visitor a protagonist as we speak of an active and experiential experience that fills him with the satisfaction and joy of participation, promotes and enhances his sensitivity and respect for the environment and tradition. He also learns the history of each place and also contributes to its development. The visitor takes an active part in a creative process that goes beyond the bounds of a simple travel experience. In conclusion, it is the form of Tourism where the visitor combines leisure with information in the best way.

Agrotourism offers through its contribution to a better understanding of the environment we live in and how we can “exploit” it with the least possible burden on it and mankind. The visitor who decides to live on such a farm will experience the correct way of contact with nature and will eventually understand what lies behind such concepts as good farming, organic farming and more. There are many choices for someone who wants to make such journey and may include Hiking, Olive Tasting, Wine Tasting, Getting to know Traditional Cuisine and Beekeeping is an option for an agritourism traveler.

Tasting Olive Oil: You will participate in the experience of olive fruit harvesting, learn how olive oil is produced, try different olive oils and learn why Greek olive oil is so special and sought after from all parts of the world.

Wine Tasting: You will have the opportunity to harvest grapes, learn how to make organic wine, be able to press the grapes with your feet in a traditional way, under the sounds of music and generally learn about Greek varieties.

Traditional Cuisine: Our grandmother’s kitchen, which takes us to almost forgotten flavors, takes us back to our childhood years, in the age of “innocence” with pure and fragrant ingredients, at the family table where the simple was so delicious. You will discover, taste, love this kitchen.

Beekeeping: Since ancient times Beekeeping has been a fine spiritual and physical work of people with education and passion. Our country is second in the European Union after Spain in terms of bee keeping and produces an average of 14,000 tonnes of honey per year. Domestic production accounts for 90% of consumption.

You will be able to see how honey is naturally produced by bees on a farm and why not make your own traditional waxing!

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