Conferences and events in the new era…

Conferences and events in the new era…

Automation, globalization and changing demographics shape the future of work. There is a growing demand for next-generation collaboration tools that fit changing communication needs. New and innovative uses are emerging. Customer engagement with video, digital classroom, mobile and virtual banking, smart factories, digital talent acquisition and e-care are some of the areas where teleconference is radically changing the face of the business.

The trend for the need to cover Thematic Events, Seminars, Corporate Events and Conferences online has started to be in demand as the technological curve is growing increasingly making online conferences more and more the preferred way to organize them. The organization of an online conference is a convenient, simple and economical issue, of course, including a great responsibility. It is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the entire technology market while the global online entertainment / video market is expected to expand further, promising ever-new and better upgrades for business users. It was developed in order to accommodate participants who could not have a physical presence, thus leading the companies to the decision to offer their presence at an event through their participation remotely, but in real time!

The Live Streaming model allows the participant to be able to attend from the computer screen in a simple way and to benefit almost the same way as they would have, if they had a physical presence in the event.

The physical presence is on the one hand and with great clarity irreplaceable but on the other hand new horizons and data are created in the Conference reality as the post-Covid-19 era is here to impose the physical distance, leading for one more reason to the organization of such events.

The quality of the development of a Web Conference cannot be altered as long as the framework is set by the Organizer. All sections for the organization of an online conference maintain their sequence and interconnectivity. The contribution of the speakers always remains important and the experiential participation of the participants is equally valuable as they continue under this new conditions to be the core of the success of any event as key factors of a Conference.

The technical media also play their own leading role as a key component for the smooth running of the Conference. All implementation parameters are ensured by the Organizer and if the basic techniques are applied and the process of participation of all those involved is carried out as if during the physical presence, its success will be an important key to the expansion of the company. The new connection conditions with the partners and/or employees during Covid-19 long lasting, as everything shows period, will also offer participants the opportunity to be able to play an active role in the developemnts of the company at any time.

The benefits are already visible as through video organization and online conferences, company executives can implement strong sales strategies with the company’s stakeholders while ensuring face-to-face conversation.

Research shows that dynamic organizations have already incorporated the best teleconferencing tools as part of their core business activity at 58%, while the same survey shows that in the next 10 years 50% of employees around the world are expected to telecommunicate.

Source: Frost & Sullivan

As shown in the above survey, the advantages of Video Conferences, 46% of respondents consider as positive the reduction of travel, 33% in saving time, 27% of respondents believe that Internet Conferences contribute to reducing costs and so on. Those Resources can undoubtedly be allocated to significant other cost centers.

The possibilities offered by a live streaming Conference to the participants depending on their style and size are the following:

  • To communicate through headphones – microphone and camera.

  • To be able to ask questions, or answer possible questions of the presenter/coordinator in a way that will be set in advance.

  • To respond, have access and integrate data + analytics real-time. Business and event organizers use this service for corrections, surveys, etc., but also to enhance the planning of future events with questionnaires or surveys during a presentation, thus being able to see the results of all those who have answered.

Observance of the preparation process, as it is done in Conferences with physical presents of the participants, is a basic precondition for the perfect and accurate conduct of the Conference ensuring presence in a professional way and a pleasant experience for the participant with actions such as:

  • Create Conference Agenda.

  • Determining the form, such as choosing a platform based on the possibilities offered by the conference. Large companies with experience in the field of teleconferencing technology already provide high quality and efficient services with the first in the field: Skype, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Go to Meeting, Lifesize.

  • Test and test preparation in a virtual room for settings of the Web camera, sound and connectivity.

  • Internet connection management services, installation of programs and / or applications for a smooth flow.

  • Observance of the schedule. Unlike physical meetings, where participants are in the room and waiting anyway, in an Internet meeting if there is no strict adherence to the schedule, just a click of a button can lead to the end of the meeting before it even starts.

Equally important is the ability to provide the Conference on demand through through its recording in video so it can be seen at a later time.

This way its possible for someone who has not been able to attend, to do so at a later time, or even to repeat seeing the recording as many times as he/she wants.

Online conferences can be the easiest and most difficult things to do at the same time. But it is certain, that using the right tools and dealing with them in the same way as those with physical presence is now a new era in the Conference community.

Attend, having already undertaken similar events, has all the Experience and has the necessary Expertise for the Organization and implementation of remote Conferences, Seminars, Presentations and Events!

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