Hunting or gathering a treasure of nature!! The Mushroom!!

Action Date:

22nd of March at 9:00 am

Hunting or gathering a treasure of nature!! The Mushroom!!

Ημερομηνία Δράσης:

22nd of March at 9:00 am


Best moments!

  • Hunting or picking wild mushrooms

  • Learn all the secrets of the self growing Mushrooms

  • Try Kritharoto or Omelette with the mushrooms you just found!

The word mushroom derives from the ancient Greek “amanitis“. The name of the species Boletus Edulis (royal mushroom) is also of ancient Greek origin. Dirfys, now known as Dirfi, is an important mountain range in central eastern Euboea or Evia. Delphi, at 1.743 meters, is its highest peak. Excluding the mountains of Crete, it is the highest mountain to be found on islands in Greece. The flora and fauna of Dirfi are quite rich and at high altitudes large there are fir forests while at lower altitudes chestnut, oak, plane trees, pine and various deciduous trees are to be found.

The areas of Dirfi like Steni Forest and Delphi are Natura 2000 protected habitats.

Here we will begin our guided tour to collect wild mushrooms growing in this forest. We will have the opportunity to learn to distinguish edible from non-edible ones, to hear about the mushrooms already present in Greece, in what regions and seasons we find them, and to collect for ourselves these nutritious and delicious treasures of nature.

Our guide is an excellent connoisseur of mushrooms who will explain and guide us in this endeavor!!!, You see he grew up very near to nature was taught about mushrooms from his father and then acquired his knowledge by studying.

Our wandering in the woods will take about two hours, and everyone will search, cut and gather as many edible mushrooms as one can find, under the watchful eye of our expert!!

After the “hunt”, we will return to the starting point where lit fires, pots and pans will be waiting for us to prepare our food which naturally contains all the mushrooms we have found!! Kritharoto, Omelettes, local wine and good mood will help end this joifull day with great food!!

Degree of difficulty:

A relaxed getaway in nature, suitable for everyone, even beginners and kids!

Cost: 55 € / person – (Your booking is confirmed by payment!)

Cost includes transportation, collection and “training” for mushrooms, food and wine!


Our appointment to start will be on March 22, 2020 at 09:00 at Dukisis Plakentias Metro Station, Dervenakion street (opposite the bus terminal station).

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