Cancelled due to Pandemic! Ιn the footsteps of the ancient Greeks!!

Action Date:

Every Day of April from 10 am to 5 pm

Cancelled due to Pandemic! Ιn the footsteps of the ancient Greeks!!

Ημερομηνία Δράσης:

Every Day of April from 10 am to 5 pm

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in a very special place. If you want to get to know the art of sculpture and use the tools of the ancient Greeks to create a mask, finally if you want to watch how the ancient Greeks made a Symposium and how they drank their Wine, THEN  you will love our following suggestion!!

Both sculptors Georgios and Emmanouel studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and with respect and love created a theme space in Athens dedicated to their passion for sculpture and ancient Greek wine-making.

The arts reflect the society that creates them. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of the ancient Greeks. Through their temples, sculpture, and pottery, the Greeks incorporated a fundamental principle of their culture: arete*

*arete = αρετή = virtue

Ancient Greek art emphasized the importance and accomplishments of human beings

Take the chance to learn how an ancient sculptor worked, teaced by two of the most famous sculptors in Greece who we help you discover the ancient sculpting techniques and even produce your own little Greek work of sculpture.

You will work with the tools of sculpture that were used at that time learning how to use them as you will watch a series of screenings with ancient sculpture techniques (The lost method of the candle for metal casting, gem engraving, ceramics, marble sculpture).

And finally under the guidance of an experienced sculptor you will create your own pattern and hold it for a souvenir as a reminder of the memorable experience full of knowledge and fun!

Visit the Winemaker’s Hall and drink authentic Greek wine from a kylix (the wine-drinking cup of the ancient Greeks). Taste original ancient Greek snacks, learn about really old vinification techniques and find out how a home grape mill looked and worked.

In this unique Greek art space you will have the opportunity to study one of the rarest art collections on the ancient Greek warrior helmet and its development throught history as it hosts the world’s only collection of ancient Greek helmets.

And through the contemporary paintings of great artists will admire the paths of ancient Greek mythology.







Sculpture Hall (duration 1h) – €33,00 per person for up to 15 guests

Wine Hall (duration up to 1h) – €36,50 per person for up to 15 guests

Both activities combined in one attraction (duration up to 2h) – €54,00 per person for up to 15 guests

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